Virtual Reality – A Revolution in Online Shopping

virtual reality and its use

One out of every three apparel purchases made online is returned. Businesses with those return rates would never be able to survive in other sectors. Imagine if one out of every three restaurant customers sent their food back? Or one out of every three travelers canceled their flight tickets? The 33 percent return rate would be untenable.

However, online retail is a different beast than brick-and-mortar, especially when it comes to apparel. Online shoppers are unable to try on items, figure out the right size, touch and feel the product, and only have a limited ability to see intricate details. Sizing and fit top the list of reasons why consumers make returns. By integrating tools to help shoppers make smarter fit decisions, online retailers can dramatically reduce their return rates.

While e-commerce has made shopping online easier in most product categories, a large section of fashionistas still prefers to shop at brick and mortar stores, and insist on trying on outfits before purchasing them.

VR technique creates your virtual image through which you can find the best clothes which suit you the best.

You can virtually try all the clothes in a few minutes to decide on design, color, texture of the fabric, material of fabric and price of their choice.

The chaos of changing room can be enough to make you want to ditch their armload of clothes before ever making it to the checkout.

But Virtual Reality can mean, you never need to try on clothing before you buy – at least not in the literal sense.

virtual reality in ecommerce industry

According to a shopkeeper, “An average man spends half an hour to an hour in trying pants”. Virtual Reality will save your precious time by letting you try clothes in the virtual fitting room.

The image for trial can either be taken by the phone’s camera on the spot or from the gallery. Users can pinch, zoom, readjust and orient the apparel to place it correctly on their picture, and see whether it suits them or not. Users can also share the new outfit with their friends or family through social media to get their opinions.

Virtual vs Real:

Clearly, not everyone feels this way. Online shopping is a great time saver for many people for this very reason. No crowds, no wait times, and you can shop whenever and wherever you want. Over the years some people have resorted to online shopping for various items due to convenience and perks such as cash back from various retailers and home delivery or cash on delivery.

The closest experience to a customer going into a real-life fitting room, seeing garments framed on themselves and helping them understand not just the right size, but what style fits them”. The VR Technique system calculates the body model that is the same shape as the customer and the same size so they can see how it would hang. “It lets consumers easily make up their mind what fits them best.” On top of that, the company promises to return the product if any issue occurs.

Do you an idea about other application of Virtual Reality and where it can prove to be fruitful?

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