The Network Layer Protocols

network layer protocol

Stepping towards two more Network Layer Protocol. The ICMP and the IPsec protocol.

Internet Control Message Protocol(ICMP) 

ICMP is used to provide various error messages. It is used at routers to send error messages for the missing destination of a packet or port error etc. ICMP is one of the important protocol in TCP/IP. The ICMP has been given a protocol number “1”. Most often, ICMP is considered as a part of IP layer, but if we see architecture-wise, the ICMP is above IP. The ICMP packets are contained in the IP datagram payload. The IP datagram gets to know about ICMP by its upper layer protocol field. For ICMP, it is filled as ‘1’.

In ICMP message, there is an ICMP type and its corresponding code. Lets have a look at these types and codes.


ICMP Type                                   Code                                              Description


0                                                       0                                               Echo Reply

3                                                       0                                               Destination Network Unreachable

3                                                       1                                               Destination Host Unreachable

3                                                       2                                               Destination Protocol Unreachable

3                                                       3                                               Destination Port Unreachable

3                                                       6                                               Destination Network Unknown

3                                                       7                                               Destination Host Unknown

4                                                       0                                               Source Quench (Congestion Control)

8                                                       0                                               Echo Request

9                                                       0                                               Router Advertisement

10                                                     0                                               Router Discovery

11                                                     0                                               TTL Expired

12                                                     0                                               Bad IP header


Lets have an Example. You must be familiar with the ping operation. In ping operation , the sender sends an ICMP type 8 code 0 message to the receiving host. The destination on receiving this message replies with a ICMP type 0 code 0 message. 


There is another ICMP type 4 code 0 message i.e. Quench message. This ICMP message was originally developed to prevent congestion control. But now because TCP does this job without the ICMP source quench message.



IPsec and its applications

Initially when TCP/IP stack was developed, there were not much Internet users. People used to interact over the trusted clients only. Thus security was not a big concern. But now, as the Internet users have grown upto millions. Thus security has become a big concern.  Therefore, scientists decided to develop a new protocol that can provide data security to the end users. IPsec was introduced in order to provide security services.

To take the benefits of IPsec, the whole Internet stack need not be transformed into IPsec protocol. Just the two hosts that want to communicate securely over IP, then only IPsec needs to be available on these 2 communicating hosts. Other routers and end systems keep continuing over IPv4 only.

For Example: Suppose there is a company selling computer products and having sales office in 6 countries and its employees travelling in different cities around the globe. Every employee has a company provided laptop. Now if the employees want to share the confidential information among themselves such as pricing information and product information. Then what should be done to exchange this information securely ?? Yes, What you are thinking is right. The company will install the IPsec version in all its employees’ laptop and in the server at the company headquarters. In this way, all the employees can communicate securely.


Services of IPsec:


1. Cryptographic Agreement: 

The sending and receiving host agreed on the cryptographic algorithms and keys.

2. Data Integrity:

The communicating hosts are ensured that the data is not modified during its transmission through different routers and intermediate switches.

3. Encryption / Decryption:

The Data is encrypted using a certain algorithm on which the sender and receiver agreed. Then the data is only decrypted by the receiving IPsec host.

4. Authentication:

IPsec enables the communicating hosts to verify each other’s identity in order to provide data transmission between trusted hosts only.

***** When two end users communicate over IPsec, all the TCP or UDP packets are encrypted and authenticated. Thus it provides a layer of security to communicating hosts between all the network applications.  ******

Modes of IPsec

There are basically 2 modes of IPsec. These are:

1. Transport Mode:

In transport mode, only the data or the payload of IPsec datagram is encrypted and is encapsulated in another IP datagram.

2. Tunnel Mode:

In this mode, the whole datagram is encapsulated and is encapsulated in another IP datagram. This is a bit complicated process, but for security, this has to be done.

This is all from us on ICMP and IPsec. We hope you enjoyed it.

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