The Greatest Batsman Ever – Sir Don Bradman

donald bradman and his fastest records

Whenever the history of Cricket will be written , it cannot be completed without mentioning the name of Sir Don Bradman in it. He is considered as the All time Greatest Batsman in the world of Cricket. Sir Donald Bradman , the Australian batsman dominated the world of cricket for almost 2 decades and even after he retired. His cricket career reigned from 1928-1948 , it started against England and ended against the same opponent.

His full name was Donald George Bradman born on 27th August 1908 in New South Wales , Australia.  He has the best Test batting average of 99.94 , and nobody has ever been close to it in Cricket Test history. For his charismatic personality and his style of batting , he was referred to as the “The Don“.

Honours :

  • He was added to the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame on 27th August 2008.
  • As a regard , at his 100th birthday on 27th August 2008 , a commemorative gold coin of $5 with Bradman image was issued by Royal Australian Mint.
  • A postage stamp is there with Bradman image.
  • While he was still living , a museum dedicated to his life was opened.

The Invincible’s :

bradman cricket career

There was a phase under the captaincy of Don Bradman, in which the Australian cricket team was called as “The Invincibles” because of their winning streak on the tour of England.

The Number 99.94:

Don’s career batting average of 99.94 is considered as the biggest achievement by any sportsman in any sport. The next test best batting average (min. 20 tests) is 61. He was famous for practising his batting with a stump and a Golf Ball. He is still considered as one of the fastest man to scoring centuries and scored 29 centuries in only 80 innings of 52 tests , i.e. 1 century every 2.5 innings. Sachin Tendulkar is the next fastest to reach 29 centuries in 148 innings. Bradman has the best batting average against South Africa. He scored 806 runs in 5 matches at an average of over 201 with a best score of 299 (not out) against the opponent.

Bradman conversion rate of his centuries to double centuries was almost 40% more than any other batsman in the world. His 12 double hundreds came in 15% of his innings. The next is Vinod Kambli , who scored  2 double centuries in 21 innings (9.5%).

The statistics show that “Bradman dominated the world cricket as no other player did to any sport”.

Don’s Test Records :

  • Most Triple Centuries : 2don bradman test records
  • First batsman to score a triple century batting at no. 5 : 304 runs
  • Most runs in a single series : 974 runs
  • Highest batting average(min. 20 innings) : 99.94
  • Most runs in a single day play : 309 runs
  • Fastest batsman to reach 1000 runs (7 matches), 2000 runs (15 matches), 3000 runs (23 matches), 4000 runs (31 matches), 5000 runs (36 matches) and 6000 runs (45 matches) in Test matches.
  • Most double centuries by a batsman in a single series : 3 (1930)
  • Only batsman in Test cricket to stay not out at 299 in an innings.
  • Most runs against one opponent : 5,028 (vs England).
  • Highest score by a batsman at no. 7 position : 270
  • Most consecutive matches with a century : 6


Bradman served at a managerial position also in  Australia Cricket Board . He also wrote 4 books on himself and on his cricketing career.

bradman the best batsman in the history of the cricket

1. Don Bradman’s Book–The Story of My Cricketing Life with Hints on Batting, Bowling and Fielding (1930).

2. My Cricketing Life (1938)

3. Farewell to Cricket (1950)

4. The Art of Cricket (1958)



After serving his nation on-field and off-field for more than 60 years , he left this world on 25 February 2001 at the age of 92, putting an end to an era of Cricket.     R.I.P. Don !!

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