Why Morning Sex is Beneficial for your Life

benefits of morning sex and why you should have it daily

How often the night sex becomes boring . Right ?? Why not do it at a.m. instead of the old fashioned p.m ? Many experts recommend it doing it every morning because of its numerous physical and psychological benefits. Instead of hitting snooze button multiple times , get up and show some intimacy with your partner.

These are the benefits of Morning Sex and why it is considered as the Best Sex.

               1. Stay in bed little longer

Who doesn’t want this ? Nobody can argue on this , as we all like being in bed for 15 min. after waking up. So why not engage in some intimacy with your partner in that time , and make the most out of it.

               2. Improves your Health

Many studies suggest that morning sex enhance the level of IgA , an antibody that protects against infection and helps in boosting immune system.

               3. No need to go to gym and exercisemorning sex alternate for your gym

Around 100-120 calories are burnt during a 30 minute intercourse . So why to run on a treadmill , when you have a better alternative. Studies suggest that there are sex positions that enable you to lose more weight than a half an hour cycling session.



           4. You are fresh and No excuse for tiredness

What can be better than having sex as the first thing in your day . It will keep you upbeat for the rest of your day. Morning sex releases a cuddle hormone , Oxytocin that maintains a feeling of connectedness with your partner.

               5. You will be on time for the work

Anyways you will have a shower before you start for your job , why not take the shower together with your partner and get somewhat dirty , before you get clean together. Hold the wall or the door and avoid slipping.

               6. Your partner will last longer

A number of studies suggest that men are at their horniest in the morning , as they have recharged their level of testosterone to maximum with hours of sleep. So its quite obvious , when a man has high testosterone and properly rested , he will last longer in the bed. Right ?


There are number of positives of morning sex that will encourage you to increase morning sex frequency in your life.

  1. You will get a relief from your Arthritis (Joint Pain).
  2. Your blood pressure will be kept in control as morning sex helps to improve blood circulation.
  3. Especially for girls , looking for natural glowing skin , this is the answer.
  4. You will get silky shining hair.
  5. Morning sex burns 100 of calories and reduces the chances of falling you prey to diabetes.


Now we take a see off from you and see you again soon , we will be back with more health and nutrition tips.

Have you observed any of the above benefits of Morning Sex ? Do share with us . 



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