8 Home Remedies for White Teeth

white teeth remedies

Anybody will look more healthy , younger and attractive with a set of sparkling white teeth. But a number of cases we see , that teeth become yellow because of poor dental hygiene , aging , genetic factors or with excess consumption of Tobacco or Cigarettes.

Its quite normal to take professional treatment to get rid of yellow teeth but that is expensive and time consuming.

There are number of home remedies to solve the problem of yellow teeth and get bright shining white teeth.


               1. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are used as a teeth whitening agent. Mix some dry Bay Leaves , orange peel powder and a cup pf water. Rub the paste to your teeth and wash it after 15 min.

               2. Turmericturmeric benefits

Make a mixture of Turmeric , Lime juice and salt. The mixture is not only useful as a teeth whitener but also it keeps your gums healthier and stronger.


               3.  Baking Soda

Baking Soda is considered as the best solution to get rid of yellow teeth. It removes plaque and helps to turn your teeth whiter. You can either mix baking soda with water and rinse your mouth , or you can make a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste , and brush your teeth.

Use the technique 2-3 times a week and observe a change in the colour of your teeth.

               4. Strawberries

Strawberries are a great source of Vitamin C , that helps to make your teeth whiter. Make a paste of strawberries and apply it to your teeth everyday for 15 min.

               5. Lemon Juice

There are number of benefits of Lemon to get rid of digestion problems , respiratory issues , lemon is very useful for whitening the teeth.

Mix lemon juice with some water and rinse your mouth everyday after getting up in the morning. You can directly scrub your teeth with lemon peel also.

               6. Salt

Salt is one of the basic ingredients to clean your teeth and give them a shining effect.

Note : But you have to be very careful with salt as it can damage your teeth enamel if not used properly.

               7. Margosa

Margosa or Neem is not only used to whiten your teeth , but also to get rid of bad breath. You can chew the leaves to get brighten teeth.

               8. Charcoal

You can make a mixture of charcoal powder and toothpaste , and brush your teeth everyday with it to brighten your teeth complexion.

Use these remedies regularly to get positive results. If you don’t see change in your teeth colour for 2 months after using these remedies , consult a doctor.


Now we take a see off from you and see you again soon , we will be back with more health and nutrition tips.

Don’t forget to share your feedback , experience , suggestions for improvement with us.

Do you know some more tips to White Teeth ?

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

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