6 Causes of Back Pain

causes of back pain

Back Pain is one of the common problem now a days. People often complain about having some continuous sensation in their backs. They will bend , twist , rotate but still problem is out of control. Around 25 million Americans and 100 million Indian people complain about regular back pain. But point is , you should not have to live with this pain everyday. People spend billions of money throughout the world to get rid of back pain.

back pain remedies

Yes in some cases , back pain requires regular treatment. But there are also number of very simple remedies that can relieve you from pain. Basically there are habits that you can revert to get rid of back pain.

Causes of Back Pain you should not ignore

1. Accessories / Wearables

Women wear heels on their feet and heavy bags on their shoulders regularly. These fashions are sometimes a major cause of back pain. The women who spends maximum time of their day walking or standing , should not wear heels above 2 inches and should not carry a bag of more than 4 Kgs. 

2. Weak Muscles

Sometimes your abdominal and lower back muscles are weak , either due to increase age or some heredity problem. These weak muscles can cause severe back pain. To get rid of these problems , you should incorporate some core exercises in your daily routine. Like some crunches , squats or lunges.

3.  Sitting / Lying Down

Its a normal belief when you get a back pain , you should lie down on the bed and let the pain heal. This theory comes handy in case extreme pain. But for daily back pain problems , you should make your back move , perform some stretching and flexing and it will give you instant relief.

4. Tension

Not only back pain , stress deteriorates your health in a number of ways. You should take out some time everyday and perform some walking or half an hour yoga and meditation to help yourself relieve stress and lead a peaceful life.

5. Office Job / Desk Work

These days most of us have a desk job , where you spend 9-10 hours a day sitting in office. Then you drive home sitting and eventually on the sofa/bed sitting . This can cause severe back pain. To avoid this , don’t sit in the office for more time. Get up after every 45-50 min. , walk for 2-3 min. and get back to your work again. 

6. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t has any alternative. Never skip it. This should be one of the most prioritise activity in your daily schedule. Take out 1 hour daily to push your body muscles , workout , running. Make it a habit. 

If back pain remains for more than 4-5 days , go and consult a doctor.

Now we take a see off from you and see you again soon , we will be back with more health and nutrition tips.

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Do you know some more remedies to cure back pains ?

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

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  1. This is a helpful information you sharing with us, I knew that I am following the professionals in healthy lifestyle, I am also being having a back pain problem which comes and go, I am also doing an office job whereby I spend 8 hours on my desk but I do walk around to stretch myself and I spend 60 minutes of bodybuilding at the gym 5 days a week before going to work following your BBF app for my daily training. Thanks a lot about everything you do for us.

    1. Hi Jabulani,
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation. Pleasure that you like our work. We will try to keep up the good work. Stay tuned.

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