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Photography may be a hobby for some and profession for others but there are many advantages of being a photographer. Photography is not just about clicking a photo but it brings lots of benefits for you. I am mentioning some of the benefits that I experienced after starting photography.

1. Improves Confidence

Photography Improves a person’s confidence hence adds up to personality development. With every photo walk on streets, you meet several people and see new things. This leads to personal growth. With every shoot, your skills improve and you gain confidence.

2. Identity

If you click good photos, people will know you. You’ll be known as “the photographer” in your friend groups. Photography gives you an identity and a unique feature.

3. Self Employment

When I read about self-employment in Economics, the first option came to my mind was Photography. Earning money through photography is easy if you have the confidence with your camera and you know your pictures will satisfy the clients.

4. No need for a Degree

To be a photographer and make it your career, you don’t need a Degree. Just your talent is enough for a bright future.

5. Satisfaction

One of the best feelings in the world is self Satisfaction from your own work. When you see the final picture there’s a smile on your face and you pat yourself for the good work. Also, it is great to receive compliments from others.

6. Overcome your fears

When I started going for photo walks I used to feel nervous clicking strangers and I would miss some amazing subjects. But with time you Overcome your fears like that. Now, I can walk up to strangers, greet them, click them and sometimes show them their photo.

7. A different perception

You no more see the world as others do. Even when you are walking down a street without a camera you think of how that object would fit in a frame. Your way of looking at ordinary things gets creative.

8. Spreading happiness

Click a random person, a poor girl or an old man, anyone would feel very happy and special seeing a person passionately clicking them. I went on a family trip with 20 people and clicked beautiful pictures in the snow. I could see their happiness after seeing their photos.

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