Low Key Photography – Skills to Learn

low key photography

Low key photography is simple and gives amazing eye-catching photographs. In this article, you’ll get to learn some simple tricks to click beautiful photos with just a camera. You don’t need to have a studio or lighting instruments. Here’s how to start.

i) Select a place

A window or door would be perfect. Just make sure there’s natural light coming through it.

ii) Time

Early morning is best to have a shoot but noon would do too. Make sure there’s sun peeping.

iii) Background

A little trick to make the background dark is to stick a black cloth or chart paper on the wall.

iv) Camera settings

Keep the ISO as low as possible as there’s enough natural light; Minimum aperture and set shutter speed accordingly.

v) Model

Start with clicking simple portraits and then experiment with the concept of the picture. Extreme close up shots would look beautiful in such pictures.

vi) Edit

A little editing is required to make the picture flawless as there are possibilities of the object popping out of the background.

Use simple editing tricks like increasing contrast. Play with the basics of editing to get the desired photograph.

You learned some simple techniques to click pictures looking alike professionally clicked pictures. Best of luck and keep clicking good photographs.

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Heena Suthar

Heena Suthar

Heena has a passion for Photography. She loves to teach and write about different photography techniques and skills to click beautiful life long pictures. She plays guitar and also plays table tennis in her leisure time.

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