What are the Challenges to be a great Photographer

how to start learning photography

Every new thing comes with challenges and problems till you don’t try and find a solution to it.

So is the Photography !!

First-time photography is not easy. It needs efforts and skills. There are challenges and problems that a photographer faces but all the problems have solutions too. Once you figure out the problems and their solutions, you will start clicking great pictures.


1. Previous Settings

The camera settings need to be changed in all different circumstances. Imagine you are clicking a landscape under the sun and next you want to click something under the shade of a tree. Then you need to change the settings very quickly and this leads to missing on some important moments.

To solve the problem, keep the ISO on auto mode. The camera will adjust the ISO in accordance with the shutter speed.

Also, practice makes a man perfect. So, with practice and experience, your hands will automatically change settings quickly as required.


2. Time

Even after getting a good picture the photographer clicks more to get the perfect picture. This consumes a lot of time. For one single picture, you may have to give a lot of time. If you are with some people, especially family, this can be a problem as you’ve to hurry up.


3. Dust on the Sensor

mistakes photographers should avoid

Many people are unaware about the dust particles on their camera sensor. The Sensor catches dust while changing lenses or whenever the Sensor is exposed to air.

To check the amount of dust, set the camera setting on Aperture mode and fix it at f/22 or maximum. Then take a picture of a white paper. The picture will show the dust particles clearly. You must clean the camera at least twice a month. You can use a blower which is cheap and easy to use.

Also, while cleaning the camera be careful as you may permanently damage the camera in the action.


4. In built Flash

The camera’s in built Flash gives poor results. While taking photos in darkness camera’s flash should be least used.

Instead, you can use speed lights or attach a good flash on your camera.


5. ISO

High ISO makes the pictures grainy. A picture clicked in darkness with ISO higher as 1600 and more result in unwanted grains in the picture.

So, try to keep the ISO as low as possible and use artificial light in the darkness.


6. Changing the Lens 

difference between camera lens

It happens many times that while clicking with a prime lens, suddenly you find something that can be captured with a zoom lens. I face this problem the most. But now, I have the habit to change the lens quickly and sometimes I ask my friends who are with me to help me.



7. Nervousness in Public

Clicking random people can be challenging if you feel nervous. Also, the reaction of people whom you are clicking is unpredictable. You may miss clicking some amazing portraits if you get nervous to pull out your camera in front of a stranger.

Be confident. Try clicking random moments or candid photos while the subject is not noticing. If the person notices you just smile and show good gestures. Greet people if possible, talk to them and show them their picture.

Try to figure out why you are not able to become a great photographer and resolve it.

Do share your photos with us and our readers. We would love to see them.




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