11 Ways to Improve Photography Skills

improve your photography skills

Learning and improving can never stop. All the photographers know their own qualities, strengths and weaknesses. And if you don’t, well, you need to study yourself.  

The very important thing you need to keep in mind is ‘Never Compare‘ your work with others’. Every photographer’s style and techniques are different and so are their results.

Everyone has different taste. One might like portraits, other might like landscapes. Some may be into minimalistic photography and some into street photography. 


1. Understand Yourself

Know your qualities, your flaws, and your skills. What are you good at? What do you like and dislike about your photography? Where do you struggle the most? 

Know yourself so that you can correct, improve and grow.


2. Learn

Learn from wherever you can. Books, magazines, internet, blogs, workshops and more; the sources are many. 

Read camera manual. 

Watch youtube tutorials. 

Talk to photographers

Read blogs.

The more you learn, the more you implement in your work and the better are the results.


3. Click Everyday

learn photography quickly dslr

Practice and experience will make you a better photographer. With every passing day you’ll get better. 

Go on as many photo walks as you can or do as many shoots as you can. Make it a habit.


4. Know Your Device

There may be many features in your camera yet untouched by you. Explore your camera device and lenses. Know it’s features and qualities so you can use it wisely.

Try to know about other devices and lenses too.


5. Observe

Follow as many good photographers as you can on social sites, Instagram being the most popular for photography.

Observe the work of other photographers and analyse what things you like and dislike. How the picture has been clicked and edited. The more you Observe, the more you gain.

But don’t copy others’ pictures or concepts. Be real!


6. Follow the Rules

There are many basic rules of photography regarding composition, symmetry, proportions, etc which if you follow you can make the pictures better. You’ll see great improvement in your photos if you follow these rules. 

However it is not necessary to always stick to the Rules. You may break them to get unique photos.


7. Editing

depending upon DSLR lens

Editing is like makeup. It is essential for the pictures as it enhances the photos and brings out the elements and details. Photoshop and lightroom are the most popular Editing apps which you should learn and use.


8. Don’t Blame the Equipments

It is seen that many photographers are always demanding new equipments and they feel their lenses are not good enough. But it doesn’t matter which gear you use. The photographs are your own view which come out from a camera. Search for flaws in yourself and try to correct them than to blame the gear.


9. Go Closer

Don’t let the camera do all the work. Don’t zoom in when you yourself can get closer to the object. This will give you better photos.


10. Slow & Steady

We know, slow and steady wins the race. So have patience and take photos slow and steady. Don’t take too many photos very quickly. This will give you many worthless photos and also eat up the memory.


11. Enjoy

Have fun and enjoy while clicking. Have a positive energy within yourself so that you see the views and objects with a better perception.


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Heena Suthar

Heena Suthar

Heena has a passion for Photography. She loves to teach and write about different photography techniques and skills to click beautiful life long pictures. She plays guitar and also plays table tennis in her leisure time.

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