10 Ways for Beginners to learn Photography

ways to learn photography

Imagine bringing a pet to your home or a little baby. It is the exact feeling of bringing a camera and you’ll feel that you are ready for the roller coaster ride of photography. Excitement is one thing and learning is another. Photography for a beginner can be a whole new experience of exploring the camera, the world and yourself. Learning never ends in this field. So if you’ve just begun, this article would help you give a good idea.

Start with the basics. The three major keys to photography are ISO, Aperture and shutter speed. Understand these and you’re good to work on your photography skills.

i) ISO

ISO measures the sensitivity of camera sensor. Low ISO is used when there is enough light. Higher ISO is used in cases of dark areas.

ii) Aperture

Aperture is the opening of the lens’s diaphragm which allows the light to enter the camera. Lower the Aperture wider the opening of the diaphragm and more light.

iii) Shutter speed

It is the time in which the shutter of a camera is open. To click fast moving objects, higher shutter speed is kept. The brightness of picture also depends upon the shutter speed. Low shutter speed gives brighter photo.

iv) Practice

Practice makes a better photographer. Try clicking different objects, people and places. Explore your camera.

v) Observe

Observe the work of good photographers. Learn from them. Observation makes you a better and quick learner.

vi) Know Yourself

photography skills

Think of what kind of pictures make you happy. What are you good day clicking? For example, I have discovered over a time period that I love clicking portraits of strangers on streets.

vii) Photographer Friends

To have friends who are into photography is a blessing. You can learn from them, share camera equipment, go on photo walks together, etc.

viii) Your Speciality

Every photographer has a unique style and taste. What’s yours? You may like to a particular type, be it portraits, landscapes or product photography.

ix) Rules of Photography

There are many rules that you can follow to get a perfect picture, like the rule of thirds, symmetry, etc. I’ll discuss that in my next post.

x) Be Yourself

Do not copy anyone’s pictures. Create your own style and follow your instincts. Your viewpoint will give a photo its identity.

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Heena Suthar

Heena Suthar

Heena has a passion for Photography. She loves to teach and write about different photography techniques and skills to click beautiful life long pictures. She plays guitar and also plays table tennis in her leisure time.

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