10 Important Points for a Perfect Portrait Photograph

settings for portrait photography

Portrait photography is the most common type of photography. Almost everyone clicks their own portraits in mobile cameras.

But to click amazing portraits with a camera you need to keep some points in mind.

1. Focus

The most important element of a portrait is the eyes. So always make sure the eyes of the subject are well defined in the image. This will make the photo impactful and attractive.

2. Composition

Try to involve good elements in the picture. Good composition makes the picture good. The makeup, clothes, and background should go with each other. Try contrast and patterns.

3. Lighting

Make sure your model gets enough lighting. The features should be well defined. While shooting under the sun, let the model face the sunlight. While using artificial lights take care of the shadows on the face. You also need to understand the use of different lights like Three point lighting, soft lights, and sharp lights.

4. Expressions

The expression of the model describes the mood of a portrait. A bad expression can make a very good picture look ugly. So work on your model’s expressions and ask for what you want.

5. Posture and Poses

Again, it’s not just the job of a model to give good poses but also the photographer’s duty to guide the model regarding postures and poses.

6. Lens

You can use a prime lens like 50mm or 85mm to click portraits. The lens with a wider aperture will give good results.

7. Camera Settings

Set the camera on aperture priority mode. Keep the aperture as wide as the camera allows. This will give a nice blurred background. Try to keep a low ISO. In aperture mode, the camera itself will set the shutter speed.

8. Property

A simple prop can add magic to your photo. You must have seen many portraits with LED strips to create a nice bouquet. You can use any unique or simple prop like a hat or a glass or a book.

9. Angle

Usually, portraits are taken from eye level. You can try different angles to make the picture very attractive. A high angle can work very well.

10. Creativity

To make a portrait unique and classy you need to add your creative ideas. A blurred photo, a mirror reflection, painted face or a black and white portrait. Be creative.

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