6 Disastrous Nutritional Mistakes

nutritional mistakes spoiling your fitness level

Hi Spartans,

Still fighting to build your dream physique. There are number of mistakes that you might be doing in the gym , but also lot of nutritional mistakes you are doing that are preventing you from building the perfect muscular body. Lets find out the most common mistaken nutritional facts.

1. Considering fat your enemy

Flax seed oil and nuts contain the best amount of good fats like mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fat. It is very important to have fat in your diet , but try not to intake unnecessary saturated fats especially when dieting.

2. Its good to stick to your diet plan throughout the year

Most people say to build muscle or lose fat you should stick to your diet 365 days a year. But I will suggest you to keep a cheat day once every week , let it be on Sunday. Skip one of your meal and it will help you to stick to your diet plan throughout the week.

3. Supplement replacing a diet

This is one of the biggest and a common mistake that most people do. Supplements are to work for the missing nutrient in your diet , but not to replace a whole diet. It will in turn effect your muscles for a bad diet plan. Don’t miss out on your diets and consume the proper nutrients.

4. Eat More and More Protein

Yes we agree , in order to gain muscle mass you need protein rich diets . But excess of anything is bad and sometimes very bad. Your body requires approximately 1-1.5 gms of protein for each Kilogram of your body weight.

5. Supplements are harmful

Give a shit to those who tell you this. These are the people who have never been to gym or never did a workout. For a serious body builder , he knows supplements are as necessary as his normal diet. Because there are lot of nutrients demand including protein content that is not fulfilled with the natural diet .

6. Don't ever eat junk food

Here you know the answer . Obviously to have your body in shape , you should keep a distance from junk foods but in order to maintain the interest in your diet , you should change your food once a week. Don’t take more but don’t discard it also.

Now we take a see off from you and see you again soon , we will be back with more exercise and nutrition tips.

Don’t forget to share your feedback , experience , suggestions for improvement with us.

Do you know some other nutritional mistakes that you can tell other Spartans to avoid  ? We will be pleased to hear from you.

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

Raman is the founder of FitnyTech . He is a fitness App Developer and a Blogger. He is fond of his fitness and sports. He has great passion for Cricket , Tennis , Soccer and Table Tennis. In his free time , he loves to learn about technology , write about it , share his thoughts with others. His passion for technology can be seen at his blogs.

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