12 Protein Rich Foods

protein rich diet keeps the body rich of nutrients

Protein makes a very important part of our daily diet and contribute to development of your muscles , bones and other tissues. Proteins will  be broken into small amino acids to be properly digested in the human body and are very essential for body especially when you are going to gym and doing workouts. Today we are going to discuss about various types of foods , fruits which are rich in proteins and should be included in your daily diet depending upon the amount of physical activities and exercise you are performing. You can decide on your preferences being a vegetarian or non vegetarian  .

1. Eggs :

Eggs are a rich protein source especially the egg whites  and are sometime categorised under Meat also because of the protein content present in it. 100 grams of boiled egg contains almost 13-15 gms of proteins and 11-13 gms of fat.

2. Chicken :

Chicken is considered to be very healthy for people who are working hard to get rid of the extra fat and eating rich protein content diet . 100 gms of chicken contains 25-30 gms of proteins and 13-16 gms of fat. White meat is more better than the Red meat. Red meat is also high in protein content but fat percentage is also more in Red than White. And always try to go for boiled chicken than Roasted or Baked chicken because Boiled chicken has high protein percentage.

3. Fish :

Sea Foods are high in protein content and low in fat. So dual offer. A 100 gms of fish contains around 30 gms of proteins.

  • Vegetarian people are waiting , lets move on to it .

4. Milk Or Cheese :

You should consider including dairy products in your daily diet chart. Milk and other dairy products contains different important components like calcium and vitamins . Calcium helps to make your bones and ligaments stronger and better. A 100 gms cup of milk contains 7-10 gms of  proteins and 100 gm of cheese contains almost 18 gms of proteins.

 5. Beans :

This is gonna be a superb diet for vegetarian people . Beans are the best source for vegetarians. There are varieties of beans you can chose from. Black beans , Soya beans and Baked beans. Percentage of protein differ in all of these. 100 gms of Black bean contains 21-25 gms of protein, 100 gms of Soya bean contains 36-38 gms and 100 gms of Baked bean contains 5-8 gms of protein.

6. Oats :

Oats are significant source of protein and fiber. You can prepare an oat meal or you can have oats with milk or water, what ever you like . A 100 gms of oats mixture contains 20-23 gms of proteins .

7. Bananas :

Bananas are fruits with dual importance. They are the easiest fruit to eat .  Right ?  And also No spoon , no knife  , no fork , nothing required and No dirty hands. Just peel it off and eat it . A 100 gms of banana contains around 1-3 gms of protein.

8. Nuts:

Nuts , Almonds , Peanut Butter and Sunflower seeds are high protein rich foods. The other benefit is they contain very low fat content . 100 gms of Nuts contain 33-35 gms of protein, 100 gms of almonds contain 19-21 gms of protein and 100 gms of Peanut Butter or Sunflower Seeds contain 7-10 gms protein.

9. Guavas :

Guavas are not only rich in proteins , they also contain high percentage of calcium and Vitamin C. 100 gms of Guava contain 3-5 gms of protein.

10. Broccoli :

100 gms of Broccoli contains 2-5 gms of proteins and low in fat. And also Broccoli has good amount of Vitamin A,B and C.

11. Cauliflower :

Cauliflower along with protein is rich in Vitamin K and also helps in good digestion. 100 gms of cauliflower contains 3-5 gms of protein.

12. Peanut Butter :

Peanut butter is a paste made from dry roasted peanut. 100 gms of Peanut Butter contains approx 25-28 gms of protein.

13. Yoghurt :

Yoghurt is rich in Protein , Calcium , Vitamin B(6) and Vitamin B(12) . 100 gms Yoghurt contain around 9-12 gms of protein.

14. Coconut :

Coconut water as well as Coconut Pulp is high in protein content. Never throw a coconut after drinking its water because its pulp is very yummy along with nutrients. 100 gms of Coconut contains around 5-7 gms of protein.

Whether you are a bodybuilding person or a person who is very careful towards his/her fitness , you should include these foods in  your weekly grocery list. These are the most delicious and the healthiest food you will have from today. Enjoy your meal . 

Now we take a see off from you and see you again soon , we will be back with more health and nutrition tips.

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