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No matter where you work out in the gym or at home, somethings will always be, a part of your workouts like basic cardio and weightlifting, on some occasion you might go for a spin class or a yoga class. Nonetheless, there are some new and creative fitness trends that are rising in popularity, and finally becomes The thing that no one wants to miss out. These fitness trends are going to be hugely popular in 2019, they might amaze you and give you new ideas on how to keep your workout interesting.

In a recent survey conducted in 2018, it was revealed that most fitness enthusiasts preferred strength/resistance training. What’s more, spin classes,  cross-fit, yoga and Zumba classes were found to be the most popular workouts in some Indian states.

So what workout is going to be on top in 2019? From cross-fit training group classes to swimming. Here are fitness trends that are projected to be everywhere in 2019.


1.Shorter Workouts

As most people have busy schedules, they sometimes find it difficult to spend a lot of time in a workout. They prefer to sign up for a class of 40 minutes or less. As people get busier than ever, in order to cater to their needs the fitness studios are coming up with more short classes and workouts.


2.Group Classes

Group fitness classes have always been a top workout which is popular mainly because the consumers feel that working out in a group is motivating. In a research, it was found that a group class actually helps you feel motivated and has many health benefits. Also, group exercises make your workout routine regular.


3.Cross-Fit Classes

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Cross-fit classes have earned the title of the fastest growing trend in 2018  and they are projected to become even more sought after in 2019. Cross fit workout leads to better overall health, posture, flexibility, strength, and balance. As studio fitness continues to rise year after year, it’s obvious that we are seeing more cross-fit classes.



Swimming is another workout that is predicted to be a popular fitness trend for 2019. Swimming makes a great exercise especially for those who like exercises without added pressure as other exercises like weightlifting, cardio creates a possibility for an injury. Involving Swimming in your weekly schedule has a universal appeal to people of all age group. Swimming doesn’t create discomfort of any sort and its easy on your joints, back and your whole body.


5.Kickboxing And HIIT Workout

Workouts like kickboxing and HIIT are gaining a lot of popularity and interest among fitness enthusiasts. You can even do these at your home because these exercises don’t require a lot of equipment. Kickboxing and HIIT are known to be effective at coping skills that can lighten up your mood and self-esteem.



Yoga is one of the most precious gifts given by the ancient Indian sages to humankind. Our honorable PM Narendra Modi says  ‘Yoga is a Passport to Fitness”, which is indeed true. Yoga increases flexibility and builds and strengthen muscles. Yoga has notable benefits to health like curing lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome and has become a popular group exercise and will continue to rise to popularity in 2019.


7.Fitness Apps

best fitness for womenWith the world going digital, almost everyone has access to the internet. This makes it super easy to download the fitness app of your choice. For those who have a super busy schedule, the fitness apps are a great escape because of their accessibility. So it’s no wonder that they will continue to grow in popularity. Fitness technology and fitness apps like Runtastic and FitnyTech app will be huge in 2019 and will continue to grow in popularity.

Consumers adore the idea of accessibility to valuable information from their mobile devices, from the convenience of their own home, as fitness apps are easy and fun to use.



These fitness trends will undoubtedly inspire and will provide you with countless benefits to your health and fitness.

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