Running and its Benefits – Morning or Evening

benefits of running

Running is one of the or most probably the easiest and exhausting form of exercise that an individual can take up for better health fitness. Running doesn’t require much of an equipment’s or neither runners bound by time constraints.

One could just put on the right kind of running shoes especially the running shoes, but if you can’t afford them then normal running shoes and go out for a jog for 30 minutes or more if you handle it in that time period.

I have been missing my daily body exercises and the main reason for this is the lazy cold weather in winters and super-hot weather in summers (it’s Delhi) which is still lingering in the city I live. So I thought with my daily walks I must add some running to the groove. And as you all know I love making lists to inject inspiration and I believe when you know why you are doing what you are doing, the whole process gets more meaningful and enjoyable

Here are some of the health -related benefits of running:

running in the morning or evening

1.Ageing process:

Running can slow down the ageing effects in human. According to the study, running exercise can help in reducing the negative effect of ageing. Other test shows that adults who do running on a constant basis perform better in mental ability test when they are compared to the same age group of people.

2. Running helps in building your stamina:

This was the best benefit of running as day by day it will build your stamina. I used to play basketball in my school days and in earlier days I used to get tired so early but after practising more and more i.e. running I was able to run for almost an hour. I became active in my daily life as earlier I was a lethargic child.

3. Running can reduce the risk of cancer:

This doesn’t mean that It can be termed as a cure for cancer but some study shows that people who are affected by cancer and they do running there was a noticeable decrease in the activity dividing cells i.e. cells which led cancer to grow inside someone body. Running helps in decreasing those cells. “Yeah, this is a good one”.

4. Helps in the Brain:

Some of the brain research shows a strong link between running exercises and a healthier brain. More the intense cardiovascular exercise, more the pumps and more will be the oxygen and glucose-rich blood to your noggin. And when you make running a frequent habit, the rewards are long-term.

5. Good Sleep:

Daily Running habit helps in increasing the growth of new brain cells that improves the ability to recall old memories, learning and other cognitive skills.

6. Lose Weight:

We all know that running daily helps in burning some good calories and when you burn some calories from your body, then what happen? You lose some weight and losing weight is the best thing in this world for a fat person. It makes them happy.

running faster or jogging

7. Running helps a person in getting out of a depression life.

When you do some kind of physical activity, there was a release of negative emotions which also repairs the mood swings habit and also makes you happier by getting you out from depression.

8. A Natural glow on your face:

Running will make your face more glowing as it slows down the ageing process. It also strengthens your bones.

Don’t be a lazy bone now, get up, buckle up and run every day. Motivate others also to run and be in a better shape.

Do you know any more benefits of runnings? This might be beneficial for your some closed one, share with them.

Prashant Panwar

Prashant Panwar

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