Fighting Obesity

deal with obesity

Fighting with the problem of sitting , standing up , fighting with that extra heavy pound hanging to your stomach.

In the current scenario, 20% of the world’s adults are struggling with obesity and more than 30% are overweight . Obesity is a major reason behind some major diseases like High Blood Pressure , Diabetes , Heart Attacks and many more. This is the reason why you should keep a check on your weight. And fortunately , we live in a current world where you can find lot of information online and offline also to be fit and lead a healthy life.

Today I am going to share some fruitful ways that you can include in your daily living habits and slowly and gradually they will help you in fighting obesity.

1. Maintain distance from Stress

In today’s rushing and busy life , this is the most common and also the most dangerous reason behind number of diseases including obesity . Whether its the stress of family , work or earning more money (most of the people) , stress can lead you to a next level problem of Depression .

And when a person is tensed , he tends to eat more and develops obesity and overweight. Try to be calm and compose in every situation . There is no point getting tensed and mess the situation . As we all are living a life that is mortal and will finish one day eventually , all our problems are also mortal and will be resolved if dealt properly.

Try some Yoga , meditation and long deep breathing exercises to get rid of stress.

2. Exercise Regularly

Start with walking and normal stretching exercises. Once you are comfortable , start with jogging and more of the standing and lying exercises . You will observe that how little exercise only can do wonders for your good health.

Now a days , you have apps that help you design your workout and work towards your fitness goal.

3. Follow Healthy Diet Chart

Say goodbye to all the junk and processed foods from your diet plan . Include green vegetables , herbals , fruits , milk in your diet. Processed foods are not only easy to prepare but also easy to make you fat . And you should maintain a distance from pizzas , burgers , and oily foods . So if you are really serious about losing fat and becoming slim and fit , follow a strictly planned diet chart.

4. Keep a track on your weight

Its a proven fact , people who keep a track on their weight and measure it once a week , are less prone to eating bad foods. Weighing yourself can ensure you whether you are going in a right direction or need to modify your plan.

5. Consistency

This is the most important of all . The Consistency . Whether its a weekday or weekend , you should follow the above practices without any cheating. If you are not consistent , then your body will also not show any consistent response.

There are other health tips that you can include in your daily schedule and they can do a lot benefits to your health.

i) Best time to sleep at night : 10 pm to 4:30 am

ii) Never take any medicine with cold water . Always take them with lukewarm water.

iii) Drink 3-4 litres water everyday .

iv) For better digestion , Drink more water in the morning and less in the night time.

v) Drink a glass of lemon water daily, empty stomach after getting up in the morning.

vi) An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Now we take a see off from you and see you again soon , we will be back with more exercise and nutrition tips.

Don’t forget to share your feedback , experience , suggestions for improvement with us .

Do you know some more tips to reduce obesity, you can share with other Spartans  ? We will be pleased to hear from you.

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

Raman is the founder of FitnyTech . He is a fitness App Developer and a Blogger. He is fond of his fitness and sports. He has great passion for Cricket , Tennis , Soccer and Table Tennis. In his free time , he loves to learn about technology , write about it , share his thoughts with others. His passion for technology can be seen at his blogs.

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