4 major harmful effects of Computer on your health

what are the computer harmful effects

The Computer or Laptop have become one of the top priority gadgets in everybody lives. It difficult in the modern world to imagine a life without one.

Whether you want to learn something, order food, build some new technology, and much more. You want to have a meeting with your client or you want to email someone. Your computer is capable of handling every task.

But as there are a number of benefits associated with the technology, there comes 100’s of problems running behind it. Using a computer or laptop for a long time may increase your chance of developing an injury or some serious harmful effect on the body. The inappropriate posture causes some bad effects on your health and may result in muscle and joint pain, shoulder injury, arm, wrist or hand, and eyestrain.

A human may experience particular physical and psychological problems if they are using the computer for too long, or if they are playing too much computer games. You can reduce or avoid these risks with the better precautions such as correct furniture, better posture and good habits, such as taking rest breaks from work and restricting time spent playing computer games.

Here are the some of the disadvantages of using the laptop for too much time:

1. Headache Issues

This is the severe problem which occurs after using or working too much on the computer and the main reason behind this is the eyestrain. Focusing your eyes on the computer screens for too long can cause some fatigue which can lead to eyestrain and headaches. We know that heavy computer users can get some symptoms like blurred vision, temporary inability to focus on faraway objects and headaches.


2. Posture Related Injuries 

what are disadvantages of technology

Most posture related injuries such as Back Pain, Neck pain, shoulder pain. Such muscle and joint injuries can cause some serious problems. There are certain reasons like workstation design, bad posture or sitting for long periods of time. Sitting requires less effort but sitting in a bad posture reduces the circulation of blood to the muscles, bones and ligaments which sometimes leads to pain. Just to improve this, using a better sitting posture is recommended.

The deep late night computer sessions (mostly work or heavy gamers) cut their much-needed sleep time and this is a dangerous habit. This can lead to some serious long-term health issues i.e. difficulty in concentration, drowsiness or severe effect can lead to depression.


3. Extreme Exposure to Radiation 

We all know that computer devices emit radiations and being exposed to computer radiation for a longer time can lead to some serious diseases such as cancer, tumours, decrease in sperm count, miscarriage and birth defects, headaches and insomnia. There are some laws which put the restriction on the emission of radiation but still there are chances as the only small amount of radiation are emitted by them. You can avoid exposing yourself to this radiation by limiting your time using the computer.


4. Addiction to it

how computer are effecting human health

We all know with great power comes the great responsibility. Yeah, it true in this case. Computers here are the powers and we have to handle this power very carefully but still, there are some extreme cases where we have seen people have become addicted to it. We all know it can give us a lot of access to a wide variety of information and entertainment. This may cause a person to become addicted to online activities like reading articles and researching for fun, playing online games, visiting chat rooms, gambling or even pornography or cybersex. This forces a person lie about their online habits and activities, neglect family, social events and academic failure. Strong addiction may require sufferers to seek professional therapy.


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