11 Bad Habits to Health Problems

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21st Century and increasing bad habits to deteriorating health. Science is a blessing, and also a curse. Right ? There are 100’s of habits that our ancestors were involved and in turn remained healthy , that we are lagging in the modern era. Cycles were used for transportation , no computers and TV , fresh food and air to breath , more walking to cover the distance . Now a days , desk jobs , smoking , regular drinking and many more doing that turns into a bad habit. These are the bad habits that are harming you more than anything else and you should stop doing them.

1. Eating too much Junk Food

Consuming more junk food leads to obesity that is the cause for number of dangerous diseases like Blood Pressure , Heart Attacks and Diabetes. Try not to eat more junk food , once in 15-20 days is fine , but don’t make it regular diet.

2. Stress

stress problem

Stress can cause Insomnia, Body Aches, Digestion Problems . Next stage of Stress is Depression that’s one of the most dangerous disorder in the world.

Solution : Laugh loud for 15 min. everyday . Chewing Gum is also a good Stress reliever.

3. Drinking Less Water

A main reason for kidney problems and Stomach Problems is the scarcity of water in the body and your body is not able to flush the waste out. Problems like dehydration and Constipation are caused due to lack of water.

Solution : Drink atleast 2-3 litres of water everyday . People drinking more water have a glowing skin also.

4. Smoking

quit smoking

A big No to this. Even occasional Smoking is dangerous. Breathing Problems, Lung , Throat and Mouth Cancers are all the consequences of Smoking . 

Solution : Learn from the people who have left smoking and benefited from it.

5. Over Eating

The major cause leading to obesity , weight gain and Blood Pressure problems.

Solution : Try to eat 4-5 small meals per day and never skip your breakfast.

6. Nail Biting

It harms your nail health as well as degrade your gums strength also. It leads to nail deformation and sore fingerprints.

Solution : Wear artificial nails or apply some bad tasting cream to your nails.

7. Drinking Alcohol

problems related to drinking

Drinking alcohol is never a problem for anybody but excess of anything leads to danger. Too much alcohol cause number of Kidney and Liver problems.

Solution : Set a limit to your consumption and replace your alcohol with water and some energy drinks.

8. Excess Digitisation

Spending too much time your mobile , computer or TV. They will not show immediate effect but will slowly degrade your health . It is not only dangerous for your eyes but will effect your physical health also.

Solution : Go out and enjoy sometime.

9. Sleeping Late

This will lead to disturbed body clock , lazy body , headaches , paining eyes and no energy throughout the day. 

Solution : Stop using mobile/computer atleast half an hour before going to bed. Make your room dark for a good sound sleep.

10. No Breakfast skipping

This should be on your priority list to have breakfast before leaving your home. Skipping breakfast can lead to disturbed day routine. 

11. Automobiles Use

Using your car or bike for short distances , will make your body lazy and tired.

Solution : Try to take stairs to move up and down instead of elevators and walk to go to short distances.


Now we take a see off from you and see you again soon , we will be back with more exercise and nutrition tips.

Don’t forget to share your feedback , experience , suggestions for improvement with us.

Do you know some more Bad Habits that other Spartans  can avoid ? 

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

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