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A diet based solely on cabbage soup won’t provide the nutrition your body needs. What you eat is important. The “secret” to losing weight is “Burn more calories than you eat”. When the body uses more energy than it takes in, it depletes its fat stores. Countless people try the latest diets, only to go off the diet when it stops working and eventually tries another one, and so on. Any weight loss plan needs to center on foods, you can keep eating for a lifetime.

Follow these basic tips for losing weight safely, naturally and permanently.

1. Don’t Skip Meals

Don’t starve your belly and eat small meals. An empty stomach will make you overeat at the next meal. An empty stomach will increase your ghrelin levels surge. Have 4 to 6 meals a day, instead of skipping a meal and eating full stomach in the next meal.

2. Chose Carbs Properly

Despite the popular belief, you don’t need to avoid all carbohydrates while losing weight. Simple carbohydrates like sugar, white bread, white pasta, rice aren’t good for you. Instead of these focus your attention on complex carbohydrates found in whole-grain foods, vegetables, and fruits.

3. Eat Lower on the Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Index is the rate at which carbohydrate foods are digested. Foods that are digested faster, are quickly converted into glucose. Foods, with a low Glycemic Index, include brown rice, lentils, yams, and apples. Avoid food with high Glycemic Index, if you’re trying to lose weight, ex: potato.

4. Chose Bulky Food

Fruits, Vegetables, and Beans contain plenty of fiber, water, or air is a bulky or high volume food. Foods that don’t leave you hungry are higher in bulk and lower in calories. If you are making chili, add more beans to bulk it up without adding a lot of calories. Be sure to avoid cream soups, rather go for broth-based soups.

5. Watch out for Low Fat Food

Some low-fat foods, such as low-fat dairy products, are a real boon to dieters. But food manufacturers often remove fat only to replace it with sugar. Check the label before you buy. On the other hand, cutting fat from your diet makes sense, since fat is the most concentrated source of calories. Replace meat with fish/poultry.

Choose lean cuts of meat and stay away from sausages, bacon and cold cuts. Don’t attempt to cut off all the fat out of your diet. Research shows that people are able to stay on diet longer and are better able to maintain their weight loss when their diets allow at least some foods that contain fat, for example, nuts and olives.

6. Downsize Your Portions and Eat More Calcium Rich Foods

calcium rich foods

When we go out for a party or to some restaurant, we tend to eat a lot and stuff our stomach. The best option to fool your eyes is, use a bread plate instead of a dinner plate and a small cereal bowl instead of a big pasta bowl. Adding calcium-rich foods such as milk, yogurt or other dairy products to a low-calorie diet might make it easier for your body to mobilize fat stores and burn fat.

7. Drink Fluids – Especially Water

Drink lot of water. Mineral water, fruit juices, and diet sodas are all good choices. Fluids quench your thirst and reduce your appetite as well. Coffee or tea is fine. If you take it with milk, choose skim milk or a non-diary (low-calorie) creamer.

8. Have Cheat Meals

Don’t deprive yourself altogether. Enjoy cheat meals. Let yourself have small portions of your favorite high-calorie foods once in a while(every 15th day) so you don’t get frustrated and end up dieting.

9. Keep Your Eye on the Mirror

Most people on a diet want to see a lower weight on the measuring scale. Remember, if you are working out, while losing fat you maybe adding muscles so your weight might remain the same for a while. Instead of relying totally on the scale, check your reflection in the mirror, your clothing size and your energy level.

10. Never Fast

Last but not the least, never fast! Fasting, even when plenty of water is consumed, can be very dangerous. It may lead to lower blood pressure and heart failure. Also, weight loss gained by fasting is rarely sustained once eating is resumed.

Research shows that people who exercise in addition to eating less keep off the most weight for the longest time. Exercise for at least 30 min every day. Exercising helps in improving your metabolism, that enables you to burn more calories. Your mental and physical health also improves when you exercise.

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