Feeling Stressed – 10 Ways to Get Relief

10 ways to get relief from stress

Stress is defined as any condition or situation that places undue strain on the body. Stress has both physical and mental symptoms such as physical illness, fear,  feelings of anger, sadness or frustration. It decreases immunity and increases the vulnerability of the body to illness ranging from common cold to heart attacks. 

Here are 10 helpful ways for coping up with stress.


1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Eat healthy. Running on empty stomach can add up to your stress levels.  Make sure you eat regularly and many small snacks throughout the day to keep you full.


2. Chew your food and eat calmly and slowly

Eating quickly when you are stressed can lead to digestive problems.  Also don’t change your eating habits from time to time.  The body takes time to adapt to a certain routine. Changing eating habits can add up to your physical stress.


3. Avoid caffeine and Alcohol

bad effects of caffeine on health


Caffeine messes up with your sleep cycle especially if taken before bed time.  Try limiting your intake to a cup a day. Strongly avoid alcohol as it increases the chances of depression. Listen to your body and avoid food that cause discomfort.


4. Meditate daily

Meditation not only helps in relaxing the mind but also the body.  It helps to calm down your mind helping you feel active and focused. Take out half n hour from your busy schedule everyday to sit quietly with your eyes closed.  


5. Music

Try listening to soothing tunes or even your favorite songs.  Music increases your endorphin levels relieving you of stress.


6. Exercise Regularly

5 benefit of running everyday


A daily workout even for 30 minutes helps your body in enormous ways.  Not only does it keep you healthy, it is also a superb way of stress relief.  Exercising daily produces endorphin. These brain chemicals  makes you feel happy and lifts your mood.


7. Sort out your work

Make a things to-do list for the day and keep track.  Arrange the items according to your priority and do it one at a time.  If at the end of the day you couldn’t complete everything  do not get stressed,  these are the less important stuff.  Just shift the undone items to next day’s list. You can even set reminders on your phone to help you remind important tasks. This will help you maintain your work and reduce your level of stress


8. Considering buying/adopting a pet

Stroking and playing with your pet has been known to reduce stress.  Buy a dog or cat.


9. Socialise

Be it either your family  or friends.  Talking your problems  not only helps you relax but makes you see your problems in a different light. Sharing with people close to you may even help you get a solution to your troubles.


10. Medical Help

If none of the above work trying taking medical help. A Higher level of stress for a long duration can lead up to depression. Don’t shy away from seeking out a psychiatrist. Regular therapy and proper medication can change your life and make it better.

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Susanna Sahoo

Susanna Sahoo

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