10 Health Benefits of Chocolates

benefits of chocolates

Have you heard of bad effects of Chocolates? I am sure, plenty of them. Everyone of us will always listen to someone saying bad qualities of chocolates.

But have you ever heard of Good Things or Benefits of Chocolates? This article will tell you some of them that have been proven or suggested by studies.

Many people will tell you that chocolate generates fat, that Chocolate is one of the reasons behind acne, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure. But nobody will tell you that, these all are the outcomes of  Excess eating of Chocolate. And that happens with anything consumed in excess. Right?

Today, we will discuss some of the Health Benefits of Chocolates if eaten wisely.

Chocolate is made from cacao tree seeds. There are studies that show there are some amazing Health Benefits of Chocolates.

1. Improves Heart Health

how to keep good care of heart

Having a bite of chocolate is always good for your cardiovascular system. Studies proved that chocolate can help in lowering the bad cholesterol as well as reduced the chance of heart attack and stroke. 


2. Good Antioxidants

Chocolate is a good source of an important antioxidant which is flavonoids that are also found in red wine. The presence of this antioxidants helps us in the increment in the flexibility of veins and arteries.


3. Mood Enhancement

Women who eat chocolate frequently during their pregnancy days tend to have happier kids. This also helps them in the reduction of stress during these days. Give them a Chocolate to have a happier wife and a joyful baby.


4. Good for Brain and Memory

does chocolate helps in improving concentration

Eating Chocolate can help in keeping our brain in a healthy position. What it does is, it allows more blood flow to the brain to those parts which are more used.

Chocolate also helps in the prevention of nerve damages or some harmful disease such as Alzheimer. It also improves verbal fluency and several risk factors for disease. It has the same effect as caffeine has on our brain.


5. Improves Focus

Studies suggest that eating chocolate while studying has the same effect on our concentration as a chewing gum has. It helps us in better focus and concentration which means you grab concepts easily. So next time while studying grab some chocolates and write your exam with full confidence.


6. Glowing Skin

It is said that chocolate can be a great tool against sun rays. There is a bioactive compound present in chocolate i.e. flavonols, which can protect against the harmful sun rays. What it does is, improves the blood flow to the skin which results in increase skin density and hydration of the skin.


7. Happy and more Endorphins

When you are high, either due to long exercise, love or excitement. This happens when endorphins get released in our brain hormones. Flavonols present in Chocolates help in the making of more endorphins. Endorphins help us in the prevention of depression and stress & many other mental disorders.


8. Better Vision

Some scientists argue that flavonols present in Chocolates have some better vision properties too.

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