Food Myth Busted – Good Foods That Are Believed To Be A Taboo

10 bad food eating habits

Most of us start their new year’s resolution with hard but healthy calls that involves excluding many of our favorite junk foods. In recent research, it was discovered that, more than most of the health problems like weight gain, arteries blockage, high blood pressure and increased level of blood sugar are caused by the amount of food you eat and how the foodstuff is cooked.

There are many foods that can be made part of your healthy diets as long as you consume them in small quantity and they are not fried, baked or cooked with lots of sugar, fat, and salt.

1. Eggs

Eggs have always been considered a Taboo because we believe they are high in cholesterol. But what we are unaware of is that eating one egg a day improves blood metabolism which helps to lower the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Eggs contain several bio-active compounds that reduce diabetes risk. Eggs are a good and a cheap source of protein because it contains 6 grams per egg.

They are found to have blood pressure-modulating potassium and biotin which boosts insulin production to regulate blood sugar levels. Also, eggs are low calorie when they are eaten boiled, not fried or scrambled.

2. Rice

White rice is a big no for most of us because we believe its high in simple carbohydrates and should not be part of our diet. But it will be beneficial if we have it with half a cup of lentils/chickpeas because that will lower the glycaemic load. Increase in glycemic load spikes blood glucose levels thereby increasing the risk of diabetes.

3. Legumes

These are complex carbohydrates high in plant protein, antioxidants such as polyphenols and phytonutrients,  and soluble fiber that digests slowly, which leads to satiety. Lentils help to reduce body weight and the risk of developing metabolic diseases.

4. Potato

Potatoes are harmless to health when cooked right way. On the whole Potato consumption doesn’t alleviate the risk of early death from disease, but eating potatoes in fried form does a lot of damage. Eating French fries or fried potatoes more than two times a week doubles the risk.

When not fried or cooked in oil, butter or cream, a boiled potato is low in calories. A 150 gm of potato has about 110 caloriesw and high in protein, fiber, immunity-boosting vitamin C, and vitamin B6, which fights stress by boosting levels of the brain.

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