BodyBuilding and the related myths

bodybuilding and myths share a strong bond

Going through misconceptions and hearing myths for bodybuilding and lifting weights ? As many benefits and positives attached to workout , those many myths also keep roaming around. We will discuss about some of them with you here and try to rectify your doubts regarding the same.

When you are working out , obviously you are doing good , thanks to the number of trainers , website and apps available around you in the gym and online. But what happens , when you step out of your work arena. Still under the effect of those myths , that might not surely be true.

Some of the widely believed myths that are not meant to be believed  !!

1. Stretching Pre Workout , not Post

Its a common myth , if you want to gain more muscles , you should do stretching before your workout. But the recent studies have shown , performing a pre workout stretching session doesn’t decrease the risk of injury while you workout . It has also been shown that the builders doing stretching after the workout are more agile and flexible.

You should include dynamic stretching before your workout like Skipping , High Knees that help you maintain your strength and power during your workout.

Before workout , perform stretching(Dynamic) , after the workout , perform stretching (Static) , keep it simple and see the results.

2. Muscles will loose and become fat , if you stop going to gym

Normally the people , who never did a workout throughout their life , will surely give you knowledge about this. Means this utter non-sense. If you stop workout , that means you stopped stressing your muscles and which will effect your muscles shrinking . Fat and muscles are 2 completely different phenomenons . How can somebody say , muscles will turn into fat and become loose.

Please don’t listen to such people and continue with your workout with the same dedication as you are.

3. More Protein More Risk

Protein intake varies according to different body type and body weights . There is no more or less to it. Normally a person needs 1 to 1.2 grams of protein for per Kg weight of body. The need can go upto 1.5 grams also , if he/she is a regular gym goer.

Only problem with more protein can happen is dehydration. To overcome it , just include some more glasses of water to your daily schedule and you are good to go with this myth .

4. Keep Lifting more and more , you will gain more

This is the worst of all . a very common and the most dangerous myth to lift the weights till you are not exhausted and can’t lift more. Hey Hello , they are afterall your muscle only , not some machinery .

Over-training your muscles can lead you to no gain or even loss of muscles. A muscle hit hard in the gym, need approx 48-72 hours to recover properly .  You pain your muscles in the gym , but you build your muscles when you are resting or sleeping.

Please don’t over-train at any cost , it will get you only negatives.

5. More Repetitions , Harder the Muscles

Excess of anything doesn’t bring any good to anybody . There is always a recommended number of repetitions for a particular muscle group. You can’t perform  25 Reps of Shoulder Press, but you can perform it for Squats. 

It depends upon different exercises , the number of reps required to completely work that muscle group. Generally reps between 8-11 are advised.  So don’t try for more , you are not gonna do any good , except tearing your muscles .

6. More Sweating , More the Weight Lose

Sweating and Fat Loss don’t have any relation . It is the reaction to the heat produced in the body. Sweating depends upon different body types . Some people will start sweating only after 5 min. of Cardio , and some will not even get any sweat , after an hour of workout .

The Harder you workout , the more calories you will burn and the more weight you will lose, irrespective of the fact whether you are sweating or not. 

7. Plethora of Squats for Ripped Abs

Not able to see those 6 biscuits , even after putting yourself through intense training . Don’t over train them by doing 1000’s of sit-ups everyday . Its the problem with your whole body fat percentage. 

Work on every muscle properly and eventually you will lose fat and the 6-Packs will come out.

You should maintain a distance from these myths and keep working towards your fitness and see the results.

Now we take a see off from you and see you again soon , we will be back with more health and nutrition tips.

Don’t forget to share your feedback , experience , suggestions for improvement with us.

Have you ever come across some myths , that you can share it with others.

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

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