8 Best Fitness Apps

When it comes to fitness , there is no shortcut to it. You have to be consistent like any other work to achieve success with your fitness goals. That’s why , in today’s world owning an Android or a Apple Device can be your best companions , as they are always with you along with hell lot of apps .

There are different types of apps , some enable you to track your steps, some guide you to follow a particular schedule to get in shape, while some connects you to a community of your own interest that you can support and take support of. To take off , we are putting some of the best android apps available in the market that can assist you through your journey to FIT.

1. Bodybuilding & Fitness  best fitness apps

Price : Free

Bodybuilding & Fitness is a personal trainer to you . The app is available in all 3 major app stores , Android , Apple and Amazon and is a total offline functional app. It provides you with a number of exercises categorised according to body parts along with various Weekly Workout Routines depending on whether you want to lose weight or gain muscles. There is an option to create your own workout also from the given set of exercises. One of the best app for the serious gym goers.

2. Workout Trainer  best fitness apps

Price : Free , In-App Purchases

Workout trainer has got a big database of exercises . You can customise your workout , join a community and workout with your friends. If you buy pro version of the app , you have the access to HD videos . It provides a 1 Week trial before buying a Pro-Version. But sometimes more is also bad. The app tends to confuse the user at certain times.

3. Runtastic Running and Fitness  best fitness apps

Price : Free , In-App Purchases

Runtastic has a support for Android Wear . Also it has enables GPS tracking for Jogging and Running routes. You can track your progress through graphs and visit the app dashboard if you require additional info.

4. Pocket Yoga  best fitness apps

Price : Rs 204.38 , In-App Purchases

Yoga has proved to be very beneficial not only physically but also mentally. Yoga helps you to improves the coordination between your body and mind.  This app has a repository of 200 yoga poses and you can also log your yoga progress .

5. JEFIT Workout Tracker  best fitness apps

Price : Free , In-App Purchases

JEFIT contains over 1300 exercises and it explains through animations how to perform those exercises. It connects you with a community also and enables you to log the weights and repetitions.

6. Google Fit  best fitness apps

Price : Free

It is basically a tracking app. It keeps an eye on your every small movement like running , walking , cycling , the total calories you burned.

7. 7 min. Workout  best fitness apps

Price : Free , In-App Purchases

As the name suggest , the app has 7 min. workouts for different parts of the body. Whether you want toned legs or you want to reduce weight , the app has got different workouts.

8. Ultimate Full Body Workouts  best fitness apps

Price : Free

A list of some powerful full body workouts with the animated pictures and a counter also . But the variety of workouts is quiet less in the app.

Now we take a see off from you and see you again soon.

Don’t forget to share your feedback , experience , suggestions for improvement with us .

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

Raman Deep Singh Chawla

Raman is the founder of FitnyTech . He is a fitness App Developer and a Blogger. He is fond of his fitness and sports. He has great passion for Cricket , Tennis , Soccer and Table Tennis. In his free time , he loves to learn about technology , write about it , share his thoughts with others. His passion for technology can be seen at his blogs.

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