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Namaste Spartans,

We are a community of people who are desperate of exploring, learning and sharing their knowledge regarding fitness. They are known as Spartans . Here you will get to know everything related to bodybuilding , yoga , nutrition , fitness, workout plans ,supplements , anything you think about and much more. FitnyTech will be your One Stop Fitness Companion.

Our Team

After 15 months , We are team of 5 people , Raman (that’s me), Rajesh , Mandeep , Atul and Devanik , who will be providing you with all the details you need to be in the best shape of your life. We started in 2015 by developing a bodybuilding app in Apple Store and now available in Android and Amazon as well.

Hello from Raman ..

My name is Raman Deep Singh. I am an Engineer by profession and I am a fitness freakramandeep singh chawla bodybuilding and fitness fitnytech by heart. I completed my engineering from Graphic Era University (Dehradun) in 2013. Prior to starting my journey with FitnyTech , I worked with Accenture India.  The idea of starting a fitness venture hit my mind when I joined Accenture and saw that 75% employees were over weight because of just sitting, working and eating. Yes they wanted to do something for their fitness but they needed someone to motivate and guide them.  I tried to guide 2-3 people to maintain fitness who became my friend and within 45-50 days only , they were able to fix to their fitness routine . Seeing the response,  I decided to share my experience , my knowledge with the whole world.  Hence FitnyTech came into existence for you.

My Experience

I have been going to gym for last 3-4 years and continuously working on my fitness. Yes I am neither an athlete nor a professional sport person. Playing sports like Tennis , Football and Cricket are my hobbies. Fitness is my passion and I love it . I don’t skip a single day without going to gym for 5 days a week. I will be sharing all my real life experiences and whatever I have learnt in all these years with you , all the do’s and dont’s to be followed in order to achieve a fit and healthy physique.  And it will not be a one way session , it should be interactive. You should also share your knowledge with our readers and I would also love to learn new things from you.

This is Rajesh

rajesh kantipudi fitnytech bodybuilding and fitnessI am an IT guy and I love developing beautiful fitness apps for you that can help you achieving your fitness goal. I have 3 years of experience in Testing , developing Android and Apple apps and continuing. Other than programming , I love photography and travelling. We will build a great relationship. All the best for your fitness journey.


You can download our fitness app from Android , Apple or Amazon Store and embark on the fruitful  fitness journey .

With this blog we don’t promise you to change your physique overnight . What we promise is to share each and every stuff that you need to be a superfit person , if you are ready to take the pain.

Our Community motto is “Train Insane or Remain the Same” ….





FitnyTech is your One Stop Companion to get information for Fitness , BodyBuilding , Yoga , Healthy Diets and Recipes , Sex , Fashion , Sports , Technology etc. FitnyTech has their apps in Android , iOS and Amazon stores. FitnyTech provides all the information required to lead a healthy life and to get in best shape of your life. It brings you information about sports , sportsmen to you. Fitny has specific set of courses to teach its user in the field of technology of Programming , Computer Networking , Databases , Operating System and much more.

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello sir,
    I loved your app and it’s workout programs seems prudent and plausible to sync with a student lifestyle .I was just going through the app developers and it feels great to hear that raman sir is also from dehradun,As a student studying in upes i want to make a strong and lean physique and i hope your workouts programs are a step in thr right direction if there is anything else that i should take care of in my diet and routine as i follow a morning workout.Do let me know and if there is anyway i can contribute to the community here let me know .

    Thank you

    1. Hi Parakh,
      Thanks for the comment . Appreciate your time. You are already contributing lot by appreciating our work. We will keep bringing useful matter and information to you. Stay tuned.

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